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9 min 30 


Edition n°1/5

First edition is now as a part of the UAL Art Collection.

During the first Lockdown, I realised this performance during 55 days.
Every day, I was silently outside on a terrace, the only authorized outside. There I tried to get in contact with the birds. Every day, I posted a new video to share with the outside world the progress of our relationship. 

The working process for this performance is a bit different from the one explained for the previous videos, or the first time the world was at a standstill, motionless.

The first time I could imagine a new relationship with the world starting from this silence and immobility.



In «the Post Modern Animal», Steve Baker sees a new place for the animal in modern art in his confusion with the artist. This is what interests me, being one with the animal, the animal in me, but also being able to forget oneself and become the animal. Connect with the nature of the animal and become an animal.
Thus, man could transcend the cleavage originating in the myth of Prometheus, who after creating Man and the animal from clay, differentiated them by giving fire to Man.


Video, HD, Square. 30sec, 2021.

A moment of suspended poetry that brought me back to my very intimate experience of the moment «when people ask me how I feel».

It speaks of a fragility and an attempt to connect to the world in a different way. 


Video-performance. video HD, 1920X1080, 7’44, LOOP, 2020


There is an irreversible division from which the speaking subject definitely separates from reality and alienates himself in the order of language.
This division that leads us to be a prisoner by transforming our relation to reality with imaginary.
Thus, to return to our true nature, to our original state, to our reality, we would have to dissolve our language. A person remains motionless in a bare space, in the wind.

Video that translates a positioning, facing the world, in the form of a motionless rebellion. Facing the small and large movements to come.
Become the silence.


Video-performance entitled Planes. video HD1920x1080, 30min, Loop, 2020.


I am standing still on a roof- top.

Behind me one of London’s airports. This video made one month before the first lockdown was a criticism of our way of life and the air traffic congestion with its ecological consequences. We see planes taking off in real time in a continuous stream.


Video-performance. video HD, 1920X1080, 2’25 LOOP, 2018.

There is an urgent need to do something!
Scientists told us for years about the ecological and climatic consequences of our way of being in this world.
On the one hand, some studies suggest that nearly 80% of insects have disappeared in Europe in the last thirty years. On the other hand, so many other insects such as the box tree moth are spreading and scattering causing havoc ... We can feel disaster coming. The threat to life on our planet is real. And yet, no decision to reverse the process seems to be made.
E. Lorenz used the theory of chaos who wrote in a 1963 article that the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly
at one end of the Earth could affect the climate at the other end. It seems that human is resonating with these butter- flies and moths, in an agitation that seems only to lead to violence, disorder and chaos.
In this video, I remain motionless, facing camera, in the middle of Thousands of Box tree moths.
A Standstill rebellion.


Video-performance. video HD, 1920X1080, 3.06 min, 2020.

The forest, both protective and dangerous, as Dante stated at the start of Hell:

«In the middle of the way of our life, I found myself in a dark forest». The forest is conducive to disturbing introspection.

This video id a part of the serie «Immobiliy» questionnnig ourselve on the possibility to find un other way of revolt and expression.


Video-performance. video HD, 1920X1080, Loop, 2021.

Trauma makes a fracture, in life, in memory. The traumatic image cannot be assimilated and comes back in a loop in the reliving.
Let us take the example of Chris Marker’s movie «La Jetée», which illustrates the hypothesis of the repetitive nature of trauma. The film also raises the question of the construction of the self and the involvement of the body in trauma. The traumatic experience could leads to the dissociation of the individual’s psyche. This desidentification of the self can take the form of leaving the body.

This second year spent in isolation, unable to pursue my studies as I wished, alone, far from people, was without a doubt the source of inspiration for the video- performance that I made this year, «Connecting with birds» and this last performance «On the spot»
No matter how hard I tried, I felt like I was living this year as an impossibility to move forward, like a bad dream that keeps coming back, as a glitch.

The use of the loop in my videos comes from this traumatic mechanism of constantly returning to the moment of disruption.


Video, HD 1920X1080, 3min46, 2021.

Avadhut, a word that comes from Sanskrit, belonging to one of the oldest traditions of India. «free people». Avadhut. which transcended body consciousness and duality. Avadhut moves freely in the world. Perception of reality: illusion. (David-Neel A., 1979)

Avadhut is my central point, the beginning and the end. It is the direction I have chosen on a personal and artistic level. It is what I use to re-question all my works. With always in mind this idea of stripping, of unveiling. At this point, we arrive at the center of the work, which could be the end of the process, the end of the game, the end of the identity: in a way the focus of my research: Avadhut.

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